4 Steps To Drive Car Safely – Joshua’s Law Online Course

17 Dec

Paying close attention to below 4 items can help keep a novice driver out of trouble


Road Sign – Paying the close attention to the road signs is one of the best method to aware of ahead road conditions, as most of the road signs are fluorescent and can be seen readable well at night but as their age passes their visibility decreases and I had seen so many road sign that can’t be readable in dark. So neglecting the road signs can make life challenging.


Watch for eyeballs – Many types of animals run across the road at dark, some of those animals can cause a big damage to us or our vehicle if you collide with them. And also their is likely chance that pedestrians in dark clothing may moving at night, it’s hard to find out the persons whom wearing black clothes at night in the rain so keep a close eye for dark spot that move as they can be a pedestrian or animal.


Flashing headlights – When some one flashing their headlights normally means that either you may have left our high beams on (or) that you may be approaching a dangerous situation ahead so be aware that when you see flashing headlights just proceed with caution.


Brake lights – Watching the brake lights at night is one of the best thing we can do while driving, in the dark it’s very difficult to judge how quickly we are approaching to a car from behind and brake lights are the very important signal to start action. When you approaching a car with its brakes engaged, then slow down your vehicle and even be prepared for a potential emergency stop.


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