Can I get my Drivers Licenses at 17 without Joshua’s Law Drivers Ed In Georgia?

3 Dec

This was the question asked very often by many people “Is can i get drivers license at 17 without drivers ed course in Georgia?” and the answer is Yes you can get Georgia drivers license at 17yr of age without completing any Joshua’s law drivers ed programs (or) any approved online drivers ed courses.

But i would like to suggest that you need to attend any of the on class room (or) Online Joshua’s law course so that you can get the perfect knowledge about the road rules and laws, and also it’s utilized to get the discount on your insurance.

In both of classroom and online Joshua’s law course training i would like to suggest you to go for Joshua’s Law Online Courses which are far less than the price of class room courses and provide you the flexibility to learn from home, office or anywhere you feel convenient with simple Internet connected PC, Laptop.

More over this online Joshua’s law drivers ed courses are approved by State of Georgia and also consider by the insurance companies to provide discount so by completing the course requirements through online you can able to reduce your spending on course, save your time and also get the insurance discount.


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